Nick Carmody
JD, MS Psych Psychotherapist

Adversity Doesn't Build Character, It Exposes it....

Life is unpredictable and challenging. Whether due to a life changing event that occurs in the blink of an eye, or circumstances that exist over the course of years or even decades, inevitably we all experience periods in our lives where we feel overwhelmed, isolated, inadequate, depressed, anxious, or even broken. Often these feelings are the result of stress or even trauma. If not properly managed, the effects of stress and trauma will eventually have a detrimental affect on our careers, and, more importantly, our personal relationships and families. Often, our personal relationships may actually be the source of the stress or trauma. My own experiences with trauma have shaped a very unique life experience that has led me down a very unconventional, non-linear path that ultimately led me to a career working with and helping people who have similar lived experiences. My background includes childhood sexual abuse, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), drug abuse, depression, anxiety, Cluster B Personality Disorders (toxic spouses/relationships), and other sources of psychological distress.  My story is one of resilience, perseverance, and overcoming adversity to become both a lawyer and a therapist.  I encourage you to take some time to read through the pages on this site. If my experiences and words speak to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss working together to create a plan to work through whatever it is that is preventing you from living a healthier, happier, more successful life.

Nick Carmody

Nick Carmody is one of the most brilliant minds I have ever encountered during my 40+ years in the field of education. The challenges that he has faced in his life, and his amazing success in conquering every one of them.... is quite simply awe inspiring. With his sharp intellect, keen insights, valuable skills and in-depth knowledge, Nick empowers the people around him to take their next steps forward.
Jerry Pope
President of JWP Consulting, Former Director of Admissions at St. Olaf College, and Former Dean of Admissions at Illinois Wesleyan University, Former Executive Director of the Advocacy Council for Human Rights.
Hello Nick. Grateful to have come across your posts. Fellow psychologist (Psy.D.) here..... I find few in the field truly grasp the realities and dangers of [Cluster B].... [and] who also has the academic awareness coupled with personal experience....It is apparent your personal experiences are the knowledge source and the academics merely the vernacular.
Now I understand how you so clearly describe and understand the toxic behavior and processes. You've lived it. You've fought your way to the surface for air. Now, you breathe life into the rest of us who are survivors. Don't stop. We need you.
Nick Carmody is one of the most thorough, courageous, and thoughtful people on #PsychTwitter (@Nick_Carmody). [His] insight, courage, and analysis are an inspiration.
David @Doctor_David
Thank you for sharing your deeply personal story will help others who are suffering to see that a comeback is always possible!
Susan @susanmddem
I'm humbled by your story and grateful for your willingness to share it. It triggered much soul searching.
Thank you for your perseverance. You’ll never know how many of us you’re helping.....
Lisbeth @lisbethfarnum1
Nick, I so enjoy your posts. Your raw, vulnerable honesty is transformative to read. And coming from the psychology field, I so appreciate your incisive expertise. Thank you.
Nancy @NancySchmelter
So many of your tweets resonate. I’ve begun to recognize my triggers and the validation you give people helps in ways you can’t imagine. I screenshot many of them and read them to my Mom (who isn’t on twitter) so your wise words are having a ripple effect as well.
Kate @KateSmithAZ
As always, your words help me to understand what had for years baffled me.....I've reread this statement about 20 times.....It's truly become a watershed moment for me. Thank you so much for illuminating the narcissist's motivations and their techniques.....
Susan @susanmddem
Nick, there you go again with your amazing insights! I learn so much from you. You are SO bang on with your assessments.... So glad I found you on twitter!
Kim @kittenkitai
I always had difficulty [explaining] how [narcissists and sociopaths] can literally destroy lives but you mastered that ability.
Your profile says “aspiring author”. I just wanted to tell you I’d be first in line to buy your book. Anyone who has dealt with narcissists in their own life (and there are way too many of us) are helped and validated by your words every day. Thank you.
Kate @KateSmithAZ
I definitely am (validated and helped by his words every day] and would buy [his] book without hesitation. I'm even spending a lot (maybe too much) of time reading his tweets right now, it's like a liberation.
You are doing a public service, you are one of the best voices I’ve discovered on Twitter, so many need to hear what you say.
Your content is excellent. Thank you!......This content, like all your stuff, is very helpful........Another exceptionally good thread. Thanks! Your insights have helped me understand a major reason why I feel so "other"….
"....[Nick] changed my life, and that's not something I say ever. Well except for now."
I recommend following @Nick_Carmody. As a psychologist he not only has the knowledge, but also a comprehensible way of explaining pathologies.
Oh thank you Nick! Rereading your words help so much. I can’t see through the tears......It makes so much more sense now. I think of you & your words. Somehow it helps. Thanks.
[You are SO bang on with your assessments, Nick. So glad I found you on twitter! I have a feeling I will be retweeting your insights like crazy. Keep them coming!]........Same here. I turned on notifications for Nick so I don’t miss something.
This thread is spot on, @Nick_Carmody. Thanks for laying this out for people who cannot make sense of what they blessedly have never experienced.
He is very good at what he does. I read all of his posts, they are very enlightening.
I’m baffled by their acquiescence but then I read a thread by someone like @Nick_Carmody and I have greater insight and some sympathy.
He nails it every time, and he’s never afraid to talk about his own experiences going through some hard times
Tyler @Tylerdu50887305
I discovered your page last night, you are so spot on, every word you say. I have encountered so many sociopaths and narcissists in my life, starting with my mother, I spot them as if they have neon signs on their heads. I’m immune to their tricks at this point. Love your page
Thanks for your insightful analysis, these threads help explain what I, and so many others,are experiencing-very helpful
Mosh @joeyandmosh
Follow and read this man’s amazing threads. Powerful knowledge and insight.....
Nancy @NancySchmelter
Insightful analysis that explains the overwhelming anxiety/rage/helplessness many of us feel....
Mosh @JoeyandMosh
I read it all and seriously appreciate your [work]. [It] make[s] me feel like someone is intelligently articulating my viewpoint. Thank you.
Thank you for this. I’ve struggled more these past two years…. It’s like puzzle pieces all coming together making all the sense I just knew it would make.
Turn your posts into an article and ultimately a book - you need to be published.
Mosh @JoeyandMosh
Now you made me cry. Thank you for putting these deep wounds into words.
I appreciate your work. It is inspiring to me. Thank you for your passion, commitment and tenacity. Much respect.
I’ve struggled more these past two years….Thank you for this. It’s like puzzle pieces all coming together making all the sense I just knew it would make.